Zendaya Scores A Leading Role In the New Spider-Man Film

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How many Spider-Man films are they going to make? That may be the question in your head right now. The “web-slinger” is getting another reboot thanks to Sony and Marvel Studios. Model, actress, and singer Zendaya has landed a lead role in the film. The cast is being built around Tom Holland who will be the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man after Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield. What we know now is that Zendaya’s  character is named Michelle. There is a mention of a character named Michelle in the Spider-Man comics, but it is unclear of this is the same person. We also do not know if this is a romantic lead. If her role involves any kind of action, I’m sure she can handle that with no problem. Zendaya plays a teenage secret agent on the Disney television show K.C. Undercover.

Zendaya has been catching the attention of the media for a while with her stunning looks and her dare to be different style. She lights up the red carpet where ever she goes and to see her out side of her Disney shows will be an exciting experience for viewers.

This Spider-Man movie is just another entry on a long list of Marvel Super Hero movies scheduled to come out. So far Zendaya is the third confirmed cast member with Marisa Tomei confirmed to play Aunt May. The plot of the movie and the villan for the film are unknown to the public. Director Jon Watts has kept a tight lid on top of this one. When new details are released, we will have them.