Woman Hosts 130 Strangers So They Don’t Spend Christmas Alone

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A woman in Nottingham, England hosted a dinner for more than 100 strangers on Christmas Day so that none of them would have to spend the holiday alone.

Mo Fayose, a 42-year old mother of two, says she isn’t a religious person but sees Christmas as a time of year when people come together, and so she wanted to host dinner for those who may otherwise spend the holiday on their own.

“As a mental health student nurse I find that there’s festive loneliness and that got me thinking that we could bring people together,” Fayose explains.

She originally planned to host an event at her house, but when she received interest from more than 100 people, she was forced to move the dinner to two separate locations, a church and a nearby community center.

Fayose ended up serving a three-course meal to 130 people, spending more than $3,000 of her own money. But she says it was well worth it to see people enjoying themselves.

“I wouldn’t have been able to get any transport home so that’s why I am here,” explains 29-year old Laura Bedord, who attended Fayose’s dinner. “It is really nice to have somewhere to go rather than sitting on your own all day. I think Mo has done an amazing job.”

“I was invited here today. It is so nice and it made me want to go. It’s nice to celebrate Christmas with other people,” adds 17-year old Jasmin Veellekoop.

Fayose explains that when she divorced from her husband and poured herself into her work, she experienced a great deal of loneliness, and so she can empathize with all the people who attended her dinner because they had nowhere else to go.

After the dinner was such a success, Fayose is planning to do the same again next Christmas. “It was just the fact that people were saying ‘This is so good, because I would have been on my own today,’ and they wanted to get tucked in and enjoy the day.”