Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Grandchild in Amazing Surrogacy Story

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Medical science can do some truly amazing things sometimes. For Julie Bradford, medical science allowed her to give birth to her own grandchild.

Julie’s daughter Jessica, 21, was diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was just 18. She had the foresight to freeze her eggs before starting her cancer treatments, but was told the cancer would prevent her from ever having kids.

“The depth of despair was not getting cancer, you can beat cancer, the true depth was being told point blank I’d never have kids,” Jessica says.

She adds that doctors harvested her eggs as late as they possible could before treatment. “I had my eggs harvested in the morning, and started radiotherapy that afternoon.”

Jessica’s husband, Rees, was equally devastated at being told the couple couldn’t have a child. “The cancer I could deal with, it was horrible, but you knew there was hope. I’d never cried in front of Jess until the day she told me she could never have kids. We just sat in the car and bawled our eyes out,” he recalls.

Jessica beat the cancer and went into remission in October 2014. Soon after, Julie told Jessica and Rees that she would act as a surrogate and do whatever she could to help give them a baby.

Even though only 10 of Jessica’s eggs had survived and Julie had already gone through menopause, medical science gave them a chance. Back in April, two years after Jessica was told she would never have a baby, Julie learned she was pregnant with her own grandchild.

Jessica and Rees now have the baby they’ve always wanted, a boy named Jack. “My mum is my hero, she has shown me what true love means, I can never repay her for what she has done for us and the sacrifices she has made,” says Jessica.

Even after the ordeal of going through labor for the fourth time, Julie has no regrets. “I was just so pleased to be able to bring my daughter’s child into the world,” Julie said. “You don’t feel pain at times like that.”