Woman Can Walk Again After Gift from Secret Santa

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Suffering from a medical condition and struggling to pay for the treatment, Michelle Rich received an early Christmas present from a Secret Santa that will hopefully have her up and walking again in short order.

Rich suffers from lymphedema, a blockage of the lymphatic system she contracted as a result of ovarian cancer. The disease causes her arms and legs to swell. She hasn’t been able to walk since suffering a tick earlier this year that caused her condition to worsen. As a result, she was unable to attend her daughter’s wedding or her other daughter’s college graduation.

In order to undergo proper therapy for the condition, her needs to be placed in wraps for much of the day. Rich is now in need of a new pair of wraps and doesn’t have an extra $1,000 in her budget to cover the cost.

But that’s when a Secret Santa entered the equation. A mystery couple is in the midst of giving out $100,000 to people and families in need throughout eastern Idaho, and they have made Rich one of the many beneficiaries of their generosity.

While bedridden at her home, a local news crew surprised her with the news that the Secret Santa had given her a check for $1,000 to cover the cost of new wraps, as well as a pair of $1,000 gift cards, one to cover groceries and another to help pay for new clothes.

The wonderful moment when Rich learns of the gifts has been captured in the video below.

As you can see in the video, Rich is overwhelmed at the news, knowing that new wraps will help the swelling in her legs to go down, enabling her to get back on her feet and walk again.

“I just felt really blessed. I feel grateful for the couple that is helping so many families in our community,” Rich said. “I’m just in a hard place now so it lifted up my spirit.”

After receiving the gift from the Secret Santa, Rich believes her life can head in a better direction. “It has been a very hard year,” she says. “Now I can get the medical things I need so I can get myself healed and be able to walk again.”