Video: Toddler Rescues Twin from Beneath Fallen Dresser

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A nightmare scenario for any parent turned into a touching and awe-inspiring moment when a two-year old was able to push a fallen dresser off his twin brother.

Last week, twin toddlers Bowdy and Brock were playing alone in their room. The nanny cam in their room captured the two of them trying to climb the shelves of their dresser when the dresser came falling down on top of Brock.

We then see Bowdy doing whatever he can to free his brother from the dresser. Eventually he was able to push the dresser off of Brock. Both boys are fine following the incident.

“So he just pushed with all of his might and it just pushed it right off of his brother,” explains Bowdy and Brock’s mom, Kayli Shoff. “I really believe in the twin bond. You always hear that. And I really think these two have it.”

Neither Kayli or her husband, Ricky Shoff, heard the dresser fall. They didn’t know that Bowdy had come to his brother’s rescue until they saw the nanny cam footage.

Despite being a deeply personal and frightening video, Ricky and Kayli ultimately decided to post the video on Facebook to share with the world.

“I’ve been a little hesitant to post this,” Ricky wrote in his Facebook post. “But I feel it’s only going to bring awareness, but it is also incredible.” The hope is that other parents with young children will learn from the video and bolt large pieces of furniture like dressers to the wall.

“Our house is about as childproof as it possibly can be because of our three boys, but we miss this,” Ricky continues. “We feel so lucky and blessed that they are OK. We just want to make sure other parents secure their dressers to the wall.”