Video: Student Goes Crazy with Joy When He Receives His Acceptance to Cornell

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A video of a young person seeing their dream come true is going viral on the Internet. The video depicts Louisiana high school student Brendon Gauthier celebrating wildly with his friends and family after learning that he’s been accepted to Cornell University, his top choice of colleges.

Brendon says it’s common at his school for everyone to gather around when students learn their fate from a particular college. “The entire student body comes around, and good, bad or ugly we’re there,” he explains. “That family aspect is a key foundation within the school.”

As you can see in the video below, when Brendon read his acceptance letter from Cornell, pandemonium broke out, as he was eventually lifted into the air and carried around the room.

“It was just the most nervous I’ve felt through all my 17 years of living,” Brendon shares. “Typing on the computer was very slow to what I normally do.”

Of course, Brendon admits that the video didn’t capture everything that happened. “What’s not in there is my crying,” he says. “As soon as I got to my family, I immediately just broke down. Whenever I saw them, I saw my history. I saw my life throughout 17 years and all the trials and tribulations I went through.”

Brendon had a modest upbringing, as he was raised by a single mom, who he credits as being the driving force that got him to the Ivy League. “If I didn’t want [a good grade] for myself, I damn sure wanted it for my mom,” Brendon explains. “That’s what’s always fueled my drive: to get my family in a better situation.”

In the fall, Brendon will attend Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. His professional goal is to become a veterinarian. He is also hoping to become a role model for those who grew up under similar circumstances.

“Throughout my life, coming from where I’m from, I didn’t have a lot of collegiate role models,” explains Brendon. “I want my video to motivate that next kid, even if he’s not African-American. I want that video to inspire him to say,’‘education can take me to where I want to go.'”

Based on the number of times the video has been seen, it’s a good bet that Brendon is going to inspire quite a few people. Congratulations, Brendon!