Video: Singer Stops Concert To Help Audience Member Being Harassed

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Pakistani singer and actor Atif Aslam is receiving worldwide attention after video surfaced of him interrupting his own song during a concert so that he could come to the aid of a girl in the audience being harassed by other members of the crowd.

The incident took place Saturday during a concert in Karachi. The venue was reportedly overcrowded with multiple women reporting that they were harassed. Aslam was at least able to rescue one of the girls in his crowd, as captured in the video below.

As you can see in the video, Aslam tells the musicians around him to stop playing so he can address the situation. He then takes time to scold a group of men on the edge of the stage who he saw behaving inappropriately.

“Have you ever seen a girl? She could be your mother or a sister,” he tells the men, imploring them to “act like human beings.” Aslam then summoned security guards over to take the girl out of the unsafe crowd and bring her onstage.

“Atif then addressed the boy again warning him not to engage in such mannerism. He then turned to the crowd and spoke about respecting girls and added that he’d end the concert if we didn’t comply to his instructions on respecting women,” explained one concert-goer.

The crowd soon began chanting his name, applauding Aslam for standing up for all the young women in the audience and ensuring their safety before resuming the concert.

In the days since the incident, countless people have spoken out on social media in support of Aslam’s actions, applauding his willingness to stand up against the kind of harassment that has become all too common at concert venues.

“Atif did the right thing, which any other human being would do,” said Shezad Aslam, Atif’s brother and manager. “We don’t want this to be blown out of proportion, and hope that folks continue to believe in Atif’s music.”