Tourists Invite Homeless Man Home for Christmas

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For most homeless people, receiving a gift from a kind stranger means a few dollars or a free meal. But for Jimmy Fraser, it meant a trip halfway across Europe and the chance to spend Christmas with a loving family.

Fraser was living on the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland, begging people for whatever he could get, when he met Annis and Emma Lindkvist, sisters who were visiting from Sweden.

Annis and Emma struck up a friendship with Fraser after asking him for directions to a nearby pub. They exchanged phone numbers, and after the sisters returned home to Sweden, they asked Fraser to come visit them for Christmas, even offering to pay for his plane ticket and passport.

“People promise you things all the time on the street but they never materialize,” Fraser said about the unusual offer. “But I thought I’m going to go for it as its once-in-a- lifetime. On the plane I was so nervous and was worrying if they would be there waiting for me or if I would be shot. Instead it was a beautiful experience, the family was tremendous.”

During his time in Sweden, Fraser saw a hockey game, visited Sweden’s Christmas markets, and met all of Annis’ friends, family, and colleagues, including her husband and three kids.

“We give money to charity every month but we have never done anything like this before,” Annis said. “There were friends and family who thought I was really crazy, but I just opened my home to him and said everything that is ours was his too.”

“Annis is such a wonderful, kind and generous person and I wish everyone was like her,” said Fraser. “This was an incredible act of kindness.”

Fraser has since returned to Edinburgh, but Annis says she has called him every day since he left. She adds that her kids have been asking her when Fraser is coming back.

Annis now considers Fraser to be part of her family. “There is a big place in my heart for him,” she says. Fraser has been invited back to Sweden in the spring to spend Easter with Annis and her family.