Thousands of Dollars Raised for Texas Mosque Destroyed by Fire

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Within 24 hours of a Texas Mosque burning to the ground, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised to help worshipers rebuild.

The Victoria Islamic Center is Victoria, Texas was destroyed by a large fire Saturday morning. But thanks to a GoFundMe page and an outpouring of support from all over the world, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been contributed to help rebuild the Mosque.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, although the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Houston has asked investigators to consider the possibility of the Mosque being set ablaze on purpose.

The Mosque was burgled last week and was victimized by a hate crime several years ago. Some are suspicious because the fire coincided with President Trump’s controversial executive order banning travel from several Muslim-majority countries.

Whether the fire was on purpose or not, countless people have offered support to their Muslim brothers and sisters in the wake of a tragedy. As of Sunday night, the GoFundMe page had raised nearly $680,000. The page has set a goal of $850,000, the estimated cost of rebuilding the Mosque.

“Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the tremendous support we’ve received. The outpouring of love, kind words, hugs, helping hands and the financial contributions are examples of the true American Spirit,” reads a statement on the page.

According to one member of the Mosque, non-monetary gifts have also been offered by commenters on the GoFundMe page. One person offered a handmade prayer rug, while another offered his time and his truck to help clear away debris left by the fire.

Several churches and one synagogue in Victoria have offered members of of the Victoria Islamic Center access to their facilities until a new Mosque can be built.

Victoria Mayor Paul Polasek says he is proud but not surprised at the support coming from the community. “I grew up here, and I know how people are,” Polasek said. “We take care of each other, and we are self-reliant. I’m very pleased by it, but not necessarily surprised.”