Chilling Photos of History’s Most Evil People As Kids

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The most evil people in all of human history were once children.  We’ve scoured the web to find photos of the most vile people to ever walk the earth.  Some of these photos are seemingly normal, many are downright chilling.  We’ll show you a photo of the child first, see if you can guess who they grow up to become.  The final few will haunt you.   Click Start Slideshow to begin.

Before He Became a Monster

Here we see a normal looking kid who would go on to become one of history’s worst serial killers. Some people suggest that a childhood accident when he fell off a swing could have been to blame for turning this boy into the monster that he became. He is also said to be highly intelligent and to be a brilliant chess player.

Alexander Pichushkin

Following that accident, Pichushkin went on to suffer problems with his temper and was also on the end of bullying from other kids. He eventually murdered at least 60 people in Moscow and is now serving a life sentence in prison. The first 15 years of his sentence is in solitary confinement. He stated that if he hadn’t been caught he would have carried on killing indefinitely.