Teenager Saves Four Siblings From House Fire

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Sarah Chase, a 13-year old from Woodward, Oklahoma, is being praised as a hero after she saved the lives of her four siblings when their house caught on fire.

Sarah was playing with her younger siblings, Kirsten, Lewis, Denver, and Meadow, in one of their bedrooms when she realized the house was on fire. By that time, the fire was blocking the bedroom door, leaving the window as their only means of escape.

“I was scared, but I knew I had to get the kids out and the only way was through the window,” Sarah explains. Despite being hesitant at first to break the air conditioning unit that blocked the window, she eventually broke the window, opening up a path to safety for her siblings.

The most difficult part was getting six-year old Meadow, the youngest, out the window. “She was screaming ‘Mommy,’ and she was telling me ‘No. No, I gotta go to mommy,'” Sarah recalls. “I just had to pick her up and put her out the window.”

Meanwhile, Sarah’s parents, Lewis and Bethany Chase, were in a back room wrapping Christmas presents when they first noticed the fire. The flames left the parents isolated from their children, unable to communicate with them.

“I’m yelling down the hallway ‘Don’t come down here. Don’t come down here. Go outside.’ You know, they didn’t hear us. They were screaming ‘Fire’ at us. We couldn’t hear them,” explained Bethany.

Eventually, Lewis and Bethany were able to kick out a window and free themselves. When they ran around to the front of the house, they discovered that Sarah had taken care of the rest of the kids.

“They were already out across the street,” explained Bethany. “Sarah had already been banging on doors: ‘My mom and dad are still in there.’ You know, ‘the house is on fire. Somebody help.'”

Sarah isn’t crazy about the idea of being called a “hero,” but there’s no denying she saved her siblings. Unfortunately, the family most of their possessions in the fire.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family replace all that they lost. But if nothing else, they can take solace knowing that thanks to Sarah all seven members of the Chase family are alive and well following the fire.