Teen Leaves School Bus To Save Dog from House Fire

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Last week, Arizona teenager Mike Assi forced his school bus driver to let him off the bus so that he could save his dog before his family’s home burned down.

Assi had just boarded the bus Friday morning on his way to school when he noticed thick, gray smoke coming out of his house. Despite the bus driver telling him to stay on the bus, Assi opened the door and ran back to his house with hopes of saving the family’s dog, Zack.

“I had to at least yell for my dog to see if I could give him a chance to come out. I was just worried about him. I wasn’t scared. I was worried about him because he’s family,” Assi explains.

Assi tried entering the front door of his house, yelling his dog’s name, but soon realized the smoke was too thick for his dog to find his way there.

He then went to his backyard to open the back door to his house, so his dog could get out that way. “He sat in the backyard,” Assi says. “He wouldn’t move. We were too close to the house. I had to pick him up to bring out through the front yard.”

Had Assi not been willing to go through the backdoor of the house, it’s likely that Zack would not have survived. “I sleep with him, he’s my sister’s, but I grew up with him,” Assi says. “I wasn’t going to leave him.”

Despite risking his own well being to save his dog, both Assi and Zack escaped the incident without any injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Unfortunately, the fire and smoke caused serious damage to the house, and the family lost all of its belongings, including Christmas presents and family photos. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family.

Of course, the most important thing is that all family members, including beloved dog Zack, are safe and sound following the fire.