Student Stands Up To Bully in Dramatic Video

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A dramatic video has surfaced and quickly gone viral depicting a school yard bully attempting to pick a fight with one of his classmates only to be tackled to the ground by another student who refused to let the bullying continue.

The video was reportedly taken a couple of months ago at a school in Quebec, but it was only recently posted to Facebook by Melany Barrick, whose son, Kevin, is the student who tackles the bully.

As you can see in the admittedly rough video, a student wearing a hoodie is clearly bullying and physically hitting another student. This goes on for close to 30 seconds until Kevin appears out of nowhere to tackle the bully.

After doing what he could to put an end to the bullying, Kevin is then confronted by several other students. A melee begins to breakout before the video ends.

In her Facebook post, Barrick praised her son’s actions, adding that he was “taking a great risk” by trying to defend a student he didn’t know from a bully.

Barrick says that her son avoided punishment for the incident because the video showed that he acted in the defense of another student. However, Kevin was recently suspended for a similar incident and says he’s been suspended previously for intervening in similar situations.

“When I see someone that can’t defend themselves, I feel the need to help,” Kevin told Canadian news outlet, Global News. “I maybe just won’t be as rough next time.

Barrick has also criticized the school for a lack of supervision, forcing another student to step in to stop the bullying. The school says it is evaluating the need to monitor students more closely, although they declined an interview with Global News.

While the video certainly shines a lot on a big issue, one can’t help but want to commend a young person like Kevin for standing up to bullying the way he did.