Stranger Comes To Aid of Single Mom Who Lost Her Weekly Pay

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When a single mother lost a week’s worth of wages, she thought she was in deep trouble financially. But thanks to the kindness of strangers, and one in particular, she was able to recoup the lost money.

Ginge Reynolds, a 36-year old single mom from Tewkesbury, England, was taking her two sons to school on the bus when she lost a bag of money containing £160 (close to $200) in wages from her part-time job as a barmaid.

Knowing she needed the money to help keep her family afloat financially, Reynolds posted her story on Facebook, hoping that someone would find the bag and return it to her.

The money was never found, but Reynolds did receive many positive messages of support, including one from Matthew Nolan, a person she had never met before who set up a JustGiving page to help pay back the money Reynolds lost.

“It was a very kind thing for him to do. He went above and beyond,” Reynolds said about Nolan. “I wasn’t expecting the reaction I got at all. I had over 20 private messages from people offering to give me money and lend me money. People were incredible, not just Matthew.”

In just two days, more than a dozen people had helped to raise more than £200, which was enough to cover what Reynolds had lost and then some.

Reynolds did not feel right about keeping the excess money, and so she donated £50 to the school that her sons attend. She also set aside £20 for a local homeless man who made headlines last month when he turned in an expensive phone he found rather than keeping it.

The unique turn of events has helped to lift Reynolds’ spirits immensely. “It really turned something that was so negative into a real positive,” she said.

Nolan addressed all those who donated on his Facebook page, writing: “Thank you for everyone who has gone above and beyond to help. True community spirit x.”