36 Steamy Movie Scenes Where Celebs Really Did It

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Warner Bros.

Directed by: William Friedkin

When Cruising debuted it was immediately attacked for being homophobic. The movie’s plotline, in which a young Al Pacino, plays an undercover cop, cruising leather bars in search of a killer, was shot with actual gay sex footage cut in sporadically throughout the film. Perhaps the subject matter didn’t sit well with some viewers but at its heart, the movie is just another thriller that perhaps got a little bit too real for some people to stomach. It’s not his best work but it definitely deserves a bit more analysis.


Directed by: Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier appears several times on our list and with good reason. The famed director is known for taking a very direct approach when it comes to portraying sex on the big screen. He believes realism is needed to create an authentic feel for his films and the actors and actresses that appear in his work are aware of his desire to keep things real. In The Idiots, he tells the story of a group of anti-bourgeois adults who shed their inhibitions and embrace their “inner idiot.” If you choose to pop in this DVD you can expect a lot of nudity and the occasional orgy. He uses a mixture of simulated and unsimulated encounters to keep us guessing. 


Directed by: Catherine Breillat

Even after two decades the director of A Real Young Girl wasn’t ready to stop shocking viewers with real on-screen conquests and another shocking story of a girl in search of her sexual identity. This time around her subject is older, which should be a relief for some of our more conservative readers. In Romance, our main character, Marie, is searching for the sexual fulfillment she is not getting from her boyfriend. It’s more unsimulated realism in arthouse form.