Single Mom Poses As Her Son’s Father So He’s Not Left Out

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It’s not easy being a single mom and having to play the role of both parents. Earlier this week, a single mom from Utah quite literally took on the role of both parents, posing as her son’s father so he could participate in a father-son outing.

It all started when Whitney Kittrell’s 5-year old son, Lucas, came home with an invitation to a “Dads and Doughnuts Day” at his school. Kittrell asked Lucas if he wanted his grandfather to accompany him, but Lucas insisted that his mom attend the event with him.

So on the day of the event, Kittrell posed as her son’s father. She wore an old t-shirt, baggy sweat pants, and a baseball hat, and she even painted on some facial hair. She admits to feeling a little embarrassed, but says it was worth it when Lucas introduced all of his friends to her, referring to her as both his mom and dad.

Before leaving the event, Lucas ran up to Kittrell and whispered in her ear: “Mom, I know that you’ll always be there and do anything for me. Thank you. I love you.”

Afterward, Kittrell shared a picture of herself, dressed in her “best dad clothes,” and Lucas in the school parking lot on her Facebook page.

“When I became a single mom over 3 years ago I made a promise with myself that I would do anything I could, even if it meant going out of my comfort zone, to give my kids a ‘normal’ life and the same experiences as other kids,” Kittrell wrote.

As of Sunday, the post has been shared more than 90,000 times. Kittrell has been in awe of the positive feedback she’s received from both single parents and the children of single parents.

“It’s been very overwhelming seeing the response,” Kittrell says. “I’m just an ordinary mom. I’m doing what anybody else will do, but as a single parent a lot of times you feel alone and isolated, but there are other people that are going through the exact same thing. I’m so grateful to see the positive impact it’s making.”