Refugee Finds Love with Border Guard in Amazing Story

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We often hear about the plight of refugees, but rarely do we hear about the positive life-changing events that refugees sometimes experience. Such is the case with Iraqi refugee Noora Arkavazi and her now husband Bobi Dodevski.

It happened quite serendipitously, as Bobi, a border guard in Macedonia, was only at work one March day because he was covering for a colleague. But it was on that day that he crossed paths with Noora, who was fleeing Iraq with her family, hoping to make it to Germany.

Fearing the violence in their home of Diyala in eastern Iraq, Noora and her family crossed the border into Turkey before going to the greek island of Lesbos and then to Macedonia, where she came face to face with Bobi.

“The first time I went through the border I had a very high fever and I had fallen down many times. Bobi immediately sent the Red Cross to save me,” Noora explains.

Seeing Noora taken ill, Bobi had difficulty remaining professional, and was even scolded by one of his colleagues. But there was something about Noora that made professionalism difficult to maintain for the border guard.

“It was destiny,” Bobi says. “I see something special in Noora’s eyes, and I say: ‘This is it. I must have Noora here to be my wife!'”

Noora couldn’t deny the instant connection either. “After that I talked with him, and I felt like something lit me,” she explains. “I wanted to talk with him more.”

While Noora was staying in a refugee camp in Macedonia, the two got to know each other, as Bobi showed Noora and her mother around the town of Tabanovce.

Then, while eating dinner one April night, a nervous Bobi popped the question. “I told him no, you’re joking,” Noora recalls. “Maybe 10 times he repeated this, ‘will you marry me?'”

The couple, who proclaim it was love at first sight, married in July, just four months after they met. Noora’s family ultimately made it to Germany, but she stayed behind and now lives in Macedonia with Bobi and his three kids.

To make the story even more incredible, Noora says that she is four months pregnant with the couple’s first child.