Recent Widower Recovers Lost Wedding Ring After 15 Years

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David Penner is still grieving after the death of his wife of 42 years, Nancy, earlier this year. But earlier this week, Penner, 68, was comforted by the return of the wedding ring that he lost 15 years ago and thought would be gone forever.

Penner lost his wedding ring 15 years ago while he and Nancy were Christmas tree shopping at Wyckoff’s Tree Farm near their home in New Jersey. Years past, and Penner was resigned to the fact that the ring was lost forever, believing he’d need a miracle to get it back.

However, Penner seems to have gotten his miracle. Back in April, John Wyckoff, owner of Wyckoff’s Tree Farm, stumbled upon the ring while he was planting trees in the ground.

“I saw something that didn’t belong,” explains Wyckoff. “A glint of something, but I didn’t know exactly what it was.” After cleaning it off, Wyckoff was able to read the inscription on the ring. He told the local media about the discovery, hoping to reunite the ring with its rightful owner.

“I got probably about a half dozen emails of people trying to give me leads,” said Wyckoff. One of those leads happened to come from Penner’s sister-in-law, who got the two men in touch with one another.

Wyckoff hosted Penner at his home, and after Penner told him the date on the band and produced a copy of his wedding certificate, Wyckoff knew that Penner was the rightful owner he was looking for.

Penner never replaced the ring and he says that he’s now wearing it for the first time since the day he lost it at the tree farm.

“It was a warm feeling and it felt like the beginning of our marriage and our life together was back,” said Penner, adding that such a miracle happened at a time when he needed it the most.

The man who found the ring agrees. “It was like finding a needle in a haystack to find the ring,” said Wyckoff. “But yet also succeed to find the owner that was the second miracle in the story.”