Officers Recover Puppy Stolen in Robbery in Time for Christmas

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Police officers in San Jose did a little extra work during the holiday season to ensure a puppy stolen in a recent robbery was returned to its owner by Christmas.

It all started with a liter of newborn Alaskan Malamute puppies. The owner posted an ad on Craigslist trying to sell a few of them, but one of the people who responded to the ad had malice intentions.

Raymond Gonzalez and his friend Andrew Kavanagh came to the home of the man selling the puppies and robbed him. They injured the man and stole many things from his house, including the puppy.

Soon after the robbery, which happened two days before Christmas, a group of officers, including Alan Yee, Rafael Varela, and Frank Montoya teamed up, was assigned the case and determined to crack it.

“The whole team was involved. We worked all weekend on this,” Yee said. “We go to a lot of robberies, but this was special. For anyone who loves animals, this is another life. We wanted to get her back by Christmas.”

Yee was working on Christmas Day, following up on leads in the case when he spotted a man he believed was Gonzalez. Indeed it was the vile man who perpetrated the robbery, and Yee made the arrest.

He then looked into the front seat of Gonzalez’ car and saw the missing puppy, a female pup that Gonzalez had taken upon himself to name Elsa after the character from Frozen.

“I look into the car, and there was the puppy, in plain sight,” Yee recalls. As a result, the puppy was returned to its owner before Christmas Day was over, just as the officers were hoping to do. Kavanaugh, the accomplice, was arrested soon afterwards.

“This patrol team exemplifies how everyone benefits greatly by having such a talented group of officers working in our city,” said police spokesman Sgt. Enrique Garcia.

“It was like our own little Christmas story,” Yee said. “We’ll remember this. Having all that work pay off and result in an arrest was a great Christmas present for the team as well as the victim.”