NHL Star Patrik Laine Gives 8-Year Old Fan Birthday Surprise

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Patrik Laine of the Winnipeg Jets has been one of the best rookies in the NHL this season. He’s current sidelined due to a concussion, but that didn’t stop him from accepting an invitation from one of his biggest fans and surprising him with a birthday present.

Last month, 8-year old Lucas Bydak wrote a handwritten note addressed to Laine, who himself is just 18, inviting the Finnish hockey star to attend his birthday party.

“It sat on our fridge, because I didn’t think to mail it,” said Bydak’s mom, Nicole Berube. “He kept insisting that I mail it to Patrik.”

Finally, Lucas’ uncle took a picture of the note and posted it on Twitter. Social media did the rest. Through a news report in Finland, Laine’s mother found out about the letter and sent an email to a member of Lucas’ family.

Laine’s mother said that the young hockey star couldn’t attend the party because the Jets had a game in Buffalo that night, but that he wanted to send the young fan a present.

Lucas never got anything in the mail, but last week Laine and his mother showed up in person at Lucas’ house to wish him a happy birthday.

In addition to bringing himself, Laine came bearing a few birthday presents, including a signed photo, a signed jersey, and some chocolate from his native Finland.

“Big surprise,” Lucas said about Laine stopping by to see him. “I was really excited. I never really thought he would ever come.”

The two were able to talk hockey together, with Lucas asking Laine how he was recovering from his concussion in addition to congratulating him on making the All-Star Team in his rookie season.

As excited as Lucas was to meet his idol, his mom was just as thrilled that Laine took the time to visit the family.

“From a mom to another mother, I really appreciated all the work that they did to find Lucas,” Berube said. “I think it’s even more exciting for me because I know how important it is to him.”