Neighbors Help Woman Engagement Ring Lost At Sea

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Just one day after Jen McGowan, 26, became engaged to her now fiancé Ed Cooper, 31, she found herself without her engagement ring, losing it while playing fetch with her dog. But thanks to the help of more than two dozen neighbors, she can rest easy knowing it’s back in her position.

The saga started when McGowan was playing fetch with her dog just one day after and on the same beach in Scotland where Cooper proposed to her. Without realizing it, the ring slipped off and went flying into the Irish Sea.

“I was throwing a stick for the dog to fetch and the ring was still quite loose. Suddenly, I just saw it go flying off my finger and unfortunately it dropped right into the sea,” she explains.

Fully clothed, McGowan dove head first into the sea, desperate to find it. “I was feeling so angry with myself and sad that I’d lost such a special thing,” she says.

She soon called Cooper, who came to the beach to join her, as both frantically searched for the missing ring. “We were both there for a short while but had no luck, and he told me that we could buy a new one but I just wanted to find the one he had given me,” McGowan says.

When they got home, McGowan posted on a local Facebook page, asking people for help. The next day, 30 people showed up to the beach to help, including some who brought metal detectors.

One of those with a metal detector was 70-year old Norman Delafield, who actually searched the beach the day he saw McGowan’s announcement, hoping to find it before the tide came in, but to no avail.

Delafield returned the next day to search with all the other volunteers, and within a couple hours of searching in and around the water, his metal detector picked up an item that turned out to be McGowan’s lost ring.

“There are so many wonderful people in the world,” McGowan said about all the people who helped her look for the ring. “The community really came together to help us to not only find our beautiful ring, but to see what a fantastic group of neighbours we have.”

To thank Delafield for finding the ring, McGowan and Cooper have invited him to their wedding reception next August.