Mother Donating Two Organs To Save Four-Year Old Son

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Mothers, as we all know, give the gift of life. But one mother in Northern Ireland is planning to give her son two additional gifts in order to sustain life by donating two vital organs.

Sarah Lamont’s four-year old son, Joe, was born with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease, a rare disease that forced him to have his kidneys removed. He must undergo dialysis three times a week and has also developed liver disease that is potentially life threatening if he doesn’t receive a transplant.

After more than a year on the transplant list, Joe still hasn’t received the organs he needs. Meanwhile, Sarah saw parents in similar positions donating organs to their children.

After tests showed that Sarah and Joe had the same blood type, she decided to donate one of her kidneys and part of her liver to Joe in hopes of giving him a normal life.

Sarah is now scheduled to donate her liver to Joe on January 25. The two will then be given a few months to recover before scheduling the kidney transplant.

“I’ll be all right, I’m a very optimistic person. If I could do it today I would, the sooner the better,” Sarah says about what will ultimately be a double transplant. “I would never have doubts. Joe’s been through so much, there’s been a few times where I’ve been told he’s not going to make it and he always does.”

Sarah says that Joe, as well as his two siblings, Max and Eve, have been through a lot because of Joe’s condition and how much care and attention he requires.

However, Sarah is optimistic about what will happen once Joe receives the organs he needs. “I said to him the other night ‘this is going to be your year, Joe,'” Sarah shares. “He got excited and said to me, ‘I’m getting a new liver and a new kidney!'”

The devoted and caring mom is also hoping to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation, encouraging those who can to register as a donor.

“I’m lucky I can give Joe a liver and kidney, but if he had a heart problem he could die waiting,” Sarah says. “If you’re on your deathbed of course you would take an organ, so if you’re prepared to take it you should of course be prepared to give.”