McDonald’s Cashier Goes Extra Mile for Boy with Autism

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It’s not easy being the parent of a child with special needs, and so whenever someone goes out of their way to do something to help out a parent, it’s a big deal.

That’s exactly what one worker at an Indiana McDonald’s did, as she went above and beyond her duties to give a 7-year old with autism the toy is desperately wanted.

Bonnie Kandel says her 7-year old son, Leif, became obsessed with a Teen Titans toy from McDonald’s that one of his classmates was playing with a few weeks ago.

“He has been so focused on these toys to the point that he had trouble talking about or thinking about anything else. It was a daily conversation,” Kandel explains.

But when Kandel brought Leif to McDonald’s to get a Happy Meal and the Teen Titans toy that comes with it, she learned that the restaurant had switched to a different toy. All that was left were the toys in the display case.

Kandel told the manager about Leif’s obsession with the toy and asked if she could buy one of the toys from the display. She was initially told that she couldn’t. That’s when one of the restaurant employees, a young woman called TQ, stepped into the picture.

TQ convinced the manager to let her take apart the display so she could give the toys to Leif. “It took some convincing, I overheard, because this was not something they were supposed to do,” Kandel recalls.

After about 20 minutes, TQ had taken the display apart and given all the toys to Leif, who was beyond thrilled at the gift. Kandel says he played with them for hours afterwards and now puts the toys in his coat pocket whenever he leaves the house.

Kandel was so taken aback by TQ’s gesture that she posted the story on a Facebook page called Love What Matters, telling McDonald’s what a great employee they have.

“It was a very loving and compassionate gesture,” Kandel says. “All of my sons saw this happen and I am so very grateful they had a first hand experience with such empathy.”

Kandel is hoping that sharing her story will inspire similar acts of kindness from others. “When a stranger reaches out and shows love to my family it brings me back to the reality that we are all,¬†fundamentally, good people doing the best that we can.”