Marcia Clark Comments on New Developments in O.J. Simpson Case

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Marcia Clark


The woman who tried (and failed) to convict O.J. Simpson of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, is happy to hear about the latest development in the case more than two decades after a jury acquitted O.J. of the double murder.

Marcia Clark said of a knife being discovered on O.J.’s former estate, “I think it’s a remarkable development if it does turn out to be related to the murders,” adding “It would be interesting if there was some evidence on that knife that pointed to who might have helped to bury it, if indeed someone else did.”

A construction worker claims to have found the knife in 1998 while Simpson’s former house was being torn down. The worker gave the knife to an off-duty officer who recently turned the knife over to the LAPD. However, the LAPD has not explained where the knife has been since 1998 or why it was only recently handed over as potential evidence, nor have they identified the officer.

Clark and the prosecution did not have a potential murder weapon as evidence during Simpson’s trial, which captivated the nation for much of 1995. It was believed that a single, six-inch blade was used to kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

It has been reported but no confirmed by officials that the knife found in 1998 is a small, utility knife that is often used by construction workers, a description that does not fit what the prosecution believed to be the type of knife used in the double murder.

Clark has admitted that it’s possible the finding of the knife could be a hoax, but that she is glad the LAPD is taking it seriously by conducting DNA tests on the blade.

Even if the knife or any other piece of evidence could tie O.J. to the murders, he can not be tried again because of double jeopardy laws. Of course, the former Heisman Trophy winner is currently serving a 33-year prison sentence after being convicted of kidnapping and robbery in 2008.