Man Reunited with Women He Saved from Fire 65 Years Ago

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When he was just 12 years old, Edward Malone saved the lives of two girls in a house fire in Newfoundland, Canada. He always wondered what happened to them afterwards, and now 65 years later, the 77-year old Malone found one of them living next door to him.

On December 20, 1951, Malone was walking past a row of houses on his way to get butter at the store. He noticed one of the houses on fire, with a woman screaming “Save the children” from the top floor.

Malone ran into the house, finding a five-year old girl and her three-old sister. He picked them up and carried them out of the house, saving them from the fire. But after that night, Malone had no idea what happened to the girls he saved or the family that lost its house.

“It was always a mystery to me what became of (the girls),” Malone said. “I had never laid eyes on these people since.”

That was until he moved back to Newfoundland to retire after 40 years in Ontario. When his new neighbor, Margaret Fowler, came over to welcome him to the neighborhood, they discovered that they grew up in the same part of Newfoundland.

Then Malone shared the story of how he saved two little girls from a burning house. Listening to the story gave Fowler, 70, goosebumps, realizing that she was one of the girls in the story.

“I was that little girl,” Fowler told him. “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you.” Malone says Fowler nearly fainted while listening to the story.

Fowler says that she and her younger sister,  Barbara Earle, knew about the fire, but that they were too young to remember it clearly and they never asked their parents for details about it. They didn’t even know someone had saved them until they heard Malone’s story.

“I’m going to have to digest it for a while, because for a lot of years I’ve wondered what became of the two little girls,” Malone says. “And I’ve only just found out — two beautiful women with families. So I’m very happy for it.”

As for Fowler and Earle, they can’t help but reflect on the children and grandchildren they have, and how none of it would have happened if not for Malone. They view his heroics and their reunion 65 years later as an act of “divine intervention.”