Man Builds Homeless Shelter for Couple As Christmas Present

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Thanks to a good samaritan, a homeless couple in Wales will have a warm place to sleep during the cold winter months.

Mark Burgess, who owns an architectural metal repair business, spent £350 (a little over $400) building a small, wooden shelter in hopes of giving it to a homeless person so they would have a warm place to sleep.

From the outside, the shelter doesn’t look like much, but it comes with light, insulation, ventilation, a lock, and even a fire alarm. It’s not a home, but it’s big enough to serve as a place to sleep and store personal belongings.

Once he finished making the shelter, Burgess spent Christmas eve walking around the city of Cardiff, hoping to give it to a homeless person who could take it and then not have to wake up on Christmas morning on the street.

Burgess ended up finding a couple, Sion, 34, and Sherrie, 28, and their dog Taff. Even though Burgess had built the shelter to fit one person, the couple thought it would be perfect for them.

Sion had promised Sherrie that they’d be off the street by Christmas, and thanks to the shelter, he was able to uphold that promise. “Putting a smile on mine and their faces and giving them a key to a door of something they can call home for a little while was priceless,” said Burgess.

In addition to a lock, light, and a little bit of room, the shelter is on wheels, enabling Sion and Sherrie to move it to whatever location they want to settle for the night. Once they find a place, the wheels can be removed.

Burgess built the shelter in three days, and he’s hoping to build more so he can give more homeless people a warm place to sleep. “I have many more ideas to make things easier and lighter and hopefully cheaper,” he says.

Burgess has set up a Just Giving page to help raise money to build more shelters. “I want to continue making more so that more homeless people can have a dry and safe place to stay,” says Burgess.