Lena Dunham Takes Stand Against Photoshopped Pics

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Actress and Golden Globe winner Lena Dunham is saying no to photo-shopped pictures, and she doesn’t care what the consequences are. Dunham made the proclamation in her newsletter, Lenny Letters, in which she explained her position on the subject.

Dunham says she is in no way opposed to having her picture taken but that she is “done allowing images that retouch and reconfigure my face and body to be released into the world.” She adds, “If that means no more fashion-magazine covers, so be it.”

Such a firm stance from the star of Girls actually stems from a misunderstanding between the actress and a Spanish-language publication. Dunham accused Tentaciones of using a photo-shopped image of her on their March issue, but later apologized to the magazine when she learned that the photo of her had merely been cropped, not retouched.

However, through the ordeal, Dunham came to a realization. She explains, “Maybe it was the feeling of barely recognizing myself and then being told it was 100 percent me but knowing it probably wasn’t and studying the picture closely for clues. Maybe it was realizing that was an image I had at some point seen, approved, and most likely loved. Maybe it was the fact that I no longer understand what my own thighs look like. But I knew that I was done.”

Dunham may also be reacting to a recent health scare in which she suffered a ruptured ovarian cyst, as she says “This is the only body I have,” adding “I love it for what it’s given me. I hate it for what it’s denied me.”

Dunham does concede that while she is against a common practice in the magazine industry, she respects the people who create magazines and appreciates all that they have done for her. She adds that, “If any magazines want to guarantee they’ll let me stomach roll show and my reddened cheek make an appearance, I am your girl Friday.”