Kim Kardashian Shares Naked, Blonde Selfie

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Kim KardashianKim Kardashian appears to be naked in front of a camera once again. This time, it’s her own camera, and perhaps more stunningly, she has platinum blonde hair.

Earlier today, Kim shared a picture on her Twitter account of her posing naked in front of a mirror, with two black stripes so artfully placed over her most private of areas. The picture is accompanied by the caption: “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.”

Obviously, it’s a little hard to believe that Mrs. Kanye West has nothing in her closet to wear (and even if she didn’t, she could simply go on a shopping excursion), so we have to think that the naked selfie is just a way for her to show the world that she still has a great body a mere 13 weeks after giving birth to her and Kanye’s second child, Saint West. If that is indeed the case, then mission accomplished.

The picture shows an absolutely stunning body for any 35-year old woman, much less one that has had two kids, the second of which being born less than four months ago. It’s also further proof that Kim can do just about anything and come out the other side looking gorgeous, as one could never imagine Kim looking this good so soon the last time she posted a nude photo of herself, when she was very much pregnant with Saint.

As for the blonde hair, it appears to be a wig, and how exactly it fits into the equation remains unclear, although she was also spotted wearing it last month during New York fashion week. She also wore her hair blonde last spring while in Paris.

Between the blond hair and the post-baby selfie, Kim Kardashian has proved once again that she can get the world’s attention anytime she wants.