Kids of Mom With Terminal Illness Being Adopted by Mom’s Best Friend

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An Illinois woman has granted her best friend’s dying wish. She has promised to adopt her three kids after she passes away from a terminal illness so that the kids don’t have to be separated.

Missy Armstrong, 42, has been best friends with Sara since 1999 when the two met in cosmetology school. Unfortunately, Sara is in the late stages of ALS and may only have days to live.

Sara’s only concern is for her three children: Cayden, 11, Micah, 9, and Amara, 8. “She said she can deal with the fact that she’s dying, but she can’t deal with the fact that her kids will be split,” Missy explains.

But Missy, who is already a mother of two, has put all of Sara’s fears to rest by promising to adopt Cayden, Micah, and Amara.

“She would do it for me,” said Missy, who has already started the adoption process. Missy says that when she made the promise to Sara, the mother of three cried her eyes out, overwhelmed my her friend’s selflessness.

With Missy getting ready to double the size of her family, her longtime friend, Rhonda DeBruyn, is lending a helping hand. Rhonda has shared a post on Facebook asking for people to donate funds to help the family move into a five-bedroom home, as there won’t be room for everyone in the three-bedroom house where Missy and her kids currently live.

Rhonda has collected gifts that have been donated for the family during the holiday season. “My main focus was to make sure that the kids had a good Christmas because I wasn’t sure that Sara was going to be here,” Rhonda said. “They deserve it, they really do, it’s been a rough road.”

Rhonda adds that she’s not the least bit surprised that Missy has stepped in to take Sara’s children in her hour of need. “Missy is an amazing friend and person. I’ve known her 11 years and she has never been anything less than what you see,” Rhonda said. “Her and Sara’s friendship is one of a kind.”

Sadly, Sara isn’t expected to make it to Christmas. But when she passes, she will do so knowing that her kids will have a home, and that she has a best friend who would do anything for her. If only everybody had a friend like that.