Italian Pizza Shop Delivers Free Food To Travelers Stuck in Traffic

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The next time you’re in a traffic jam that feels like it’ll never end, don’t give up hope that someone out there feels your pain and wants to help. That’s exactly what some motorists in Genoa, Italy found out Monday night when a local business owner delivered free pizza and water to motorists stuck in traffic.

Fires in the hillsides of Genoa Monday shut down both highways and local streets due to heavy smoke, leaving motorists stranded on roads for hours on end. That didn’t sit right with Simone Di Maria, owner of La Pizza di Egizio, a local pizzeria.

When he heard about the traffic jam, Di Maria set off for the highway to deliver as many pizzas and bottles of water to stranded motorists as he could.

“You can’t leave people starving at dinner time,” Di Maria wrote on his pizzeria’s Facebook page. “A margherita is a small gesture that can get a bad day back on track.”

Many of the people who received food and water from Di Maria have praised the pizza man on social media for his kind gesture. One stranded motorist called Di Maria a “godsend” for delivering food in a moment of need.

Another person called on the mayor of Genoa to publicly thank Di Maria, calling his actions something that are “unfortunately increasingly rare these days.”

Di Maria himself was personally affected by the Genoa fires, as he says the fire came within a few hundred feet of his home. But that did not deter him from getting food to hungry and frustrated travelers.

The pizzeria owner has downplayed the gravity of his gesture, saying it was an easy thing to do after imagining himself being stuck on the roadways for a long period of time.

Instead, he wants attention to be paid to emergency services personnel “who worked tirelessly, at great risk, to ensure the safety of us all.”

So the next time you end up stuck in traffic for hours on end, don’t give up hope that a good samaritan out there will deliver a pizza right to your car. It happens.