Irish Millionaire Selling Home To Help the Homeless

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Irish millionaire Barry O’Sullivan, best known for his presence on the reality show Dragons’ Den, is selling his home in order to help the homeless in Ireland. O’Sullivan will take the money from selling his vacation house and donate it to homeless charities.

O’Sullivan’s house is located on the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. It’s a luxurious six-bedroom home that overlooks Kilmurvey beach and the North Atlantic Ocean. The home is expected to be sold for at least €300,000, which is equal to nearly $320,000.

O’Sullivan is selling the house as part of the Home for Home initiative by Focus Ireland, a homeless advocacy group, that encourages wealthy individuals to donate homes as part of the fight against homelessness.

It’s estimated that every €20,000 the initiative brings in helps to purchase or refurbish a house for a family in need, meaning O’Sullivan’s donation should be able to help at least 15 families currently living without a permanent home.

“I would like to extend our sincere thanks to Barry and his family for this lovely gift. I thank him on behalf of Focus Ireland and the families who will have a place to call home because of this great act,” said Focus Ireland founder Sister Stanislaus Kennedy.

The hope is that O’Sullivan stepping up and making a donation will help encourage others in his position to do the same.

“Large donors often want to get involved but may be thinking: ‘What can I do to really help?'” continued Kennedy. “Well this is a perfect example of how such a donation will help both our charities to deliver homes for families and their children to escape the trauma of being homeless.”

O’Sullivan’s home will be auctioned on December 16, and the hope is that it will bring in more than the estimated €300,000. O’Sullivan is hopeful that his donation will “help many families and individuals to secure a home and escape from being homeless,” especially at a time when homelessness in Ireland is reaching record levels.