Golden Retriever Saves Three People From Snow Fort Collapse

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When three people became trapped under a pile of snow over the weekend, a golden retriever came to their rescue.

After a blizzard last week in Nova Scotia, Steve Bayers had more than enough snow to build a top-notch snow fort with his son Ben, and Ben’s friend, Adam Inch. But Bayers and the two teenagers found themselves in a world of trouble when the fort collapsed right on top of them.

“The kids are laying down and I’m in there with a small shovel shaping some off the ceiling, and the next thing I know the weight of the world comes down on us,” Bayers recalls.

The three were completely immobilized. Even screaming at the top of their lungs, they were barely able to hear one another just a few feet away, much less signal to anyone nearby that they needed help.

“We were all trapped,” Steve explains. “I knew it was very serious when my arms were pinned underneath me and my leg, my heel was into my back and my foot was twisted up and I couldn’t get any of my limbs free.”

But as it turns out, there was a witness to their snow fort collapse, a golden retriever named Zoose. The dog ran over to the pile of snow and began digging, eventually reaching Bayers’ jacket.

“The dog dug in and started to pull the back of my jacket,” Bayers said. “I knew at that point if I could get an arm or a leg free and get my leg untwisted, I had a chance of getting out and helping the kids.”

Zoose helped to free Bayers enough so that his screams could be heard by a neighbor, Peter Mansfield, who came running over with a shovel to help clear the snow off the two boys. Within 10 minutes, all three had been pulled free from the pile of snow.

“We knew they were under the snow.  You’ve only got a certain amount of time,” explains Mansfield. “It was only small, but that snow is heavy. So we just kept shoveling until we got them out.”

Inch’s father, a structural engineer, estimates 1,200 pounds of snow fell on the three. Luckily, Inch was unharmed in the incident, although Ben suffered a concussion and hurt his shoulder, while Bayers broke his fibula and did damage to his knee.

But thanks to Zoose, the three escaped the collapse with their lives. “It wasn’t my time. It wasn’t our time,” Bayers says. “I don’t know. I can’t explain it.”