Flight Attendant Steps In To Rescue Girl from Human Trafficking

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When an Alaskan Airlines flight attendant recognized something amiss with a female passenger, she found a covert way to communicate with the girl and ended up rescuing her from a human trafficking ring.

Sheila Fedrick, who also works as an actress and model in addition to being an Alaska Airlines flight attendant, spotted a “disheveled” looking teenage girl while working on a flight from Seattle to San Francisco.

The girl was sitting at a window sit next to a neatly-dressed older man who was accompanying her. To Fedrick, something seemed off.

“Something in the back of my mind said something was not right,” she explains. “He was well-dressed. That’s what got me because I thought why is he well-dressed and she is looking all dishevelled and out of sorts?”

When she tried to speak to the two passengers, the older man became nervous and defensive, and he did not allow the girl to speak. That only added to Fedrick’s suspicions.

Without drawing attention to herself, Fedrick left a note for the girl in the plane’s bathroom. Fedrick managed to get the girl to visit the bathroom, where she wrote “I need help” in response to Fedrick’s note.

Fedrick was then able to alert the pilots of what was happening, and the pilots were able to get a message to the proper authorities, who were waiting to arrest the man as soon as the flight landed in San Francisco.

It turns out the girl was a victim of human trafficking. The girl is now free thanks to Fedrick recognizing the warning signs and acting in the interest of the girl.

“I’ve been a flight attendant for 10 years and it’s like I am going all the way back to when I was in training and I was like I could have seen these young girls and young boys and didn’t even know,” says Fedrick.

In recent years, flight attendants have been trained to look for signs of human trafficking on flights and speak up if they spot something suspicious. In Fedrick’s case, she may have very well saved the young girl’s life.

Fedrick says she has kept in contact with the girl, who has managed to move on and get her life on the right track, all thanks to a sharp and proactive flight attendant.