Entrepreneur Donating His Frequent Flyer Miles for the Holidays

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If you can’t afford to fly home to see your family for the holidays this year, perhaps Peter Shankman can help. For the second year in a row, Shankman, an author and entrepreneur, is donating his frequent flyer miles from the past year to those who otherwise can’t afford to fly home to see their family.

Shankman has created a page on the site Imgur, as he attempts to give away his frequent flyer miles after flying nearly 350,000 miles over the past year. He racks up the miles speaking all over the world about the customer economy. He has no intention of using all of his miles to do even more traveling, and instead wants to give them to people who can use them to see their family.

“I’m not rich, I’m not famous, but I do have one unique resource at my disposal. Because of how much I fly, I have a TON of frequent flier miles,” Shankman writes on the Imgur page. Even after giving miles to his assistant and his family, he has plenty left over to hand out.

“I feel that if you’ve had any modicum of success, you have a responsibility to send the elevator back down,” Shankman explains as his reason for sharing the miles.

To get the miles that Shankman is offering, simply post on Imgur in the Home for the Holidays category explaining why you need and deserve frequent flyer miles to get home for the holidays. Other Imgur users will vote on the people who get Shankman’s miles to fly home.

In addition to spreading the wealth with his own frequent flyer miles, Shankman is encouraging others in a similar position to pay it forward the same way. There is a charity called Abroaders that allows people to donate unused miles to those who need them.

Shankman considers himself lucky to have the kind of life he does, as he’s able to fly all over the world. But he doesn’t intend to fly anywhere during the holidays so he can be with his family, and so he’s hoping his miles can help someone else see their family during the holiday season.