The 20 Best News Anchor Bloopers

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A lot can go wrong when broadcasting live from a TV studio or a public location.  Bystanders can jump unexpectedly into shots and attack reporters, profanity and vulgar language can make their way into the live audio, clothing articles can malfunction, and anchors can sometimes have total mental breakdowns on air.  Here are some of the most shocking–and hilarious–news anchor bloopers of all time.  The top 3 are super awkward… click Start Slideshow to begin!

The Motion Of The Ocean


If you are going to make hand gestures on live television you should probably be very cognizant of the motions you are making. Throw in the wrong facial expression at just the wrong time and you are left with a comically dirty moment — even if it wasn’t meant to appear that way.

Don't Try To Kiss Will Smith


If you are going to get friendly with the celebrities you are trying to interview, be sure they want to be friendly back to you. Will Smith was forced to dodge a reporter who tried to kiss him multiple times. He ended up dodging like a scene out of Ali and ultimately pushed the guy out of the way. Time to find a new job buddy.