Community Steps Up To Help Homeless Man Who Had His Tires Slashed

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Sean Fluharty, a homeless man from Seaford, Delaware, has been making great progress in getting his life turned around. When he found that all four tires on his car had been slashed, it was an obvious setback for him, but not so much after some in his community rallied to support him.

While he’s currently living in a shelter, Fluharty works two jobs and saved up enough to buy a 1998 Oldsmobile to help him get to and from those jobs. He continues to save, hopeful to afford his own place one day.

Amidst such progress, it had to be deflating (no pun intended) to wake up Sunday morning to find all four of his car’s tires slashed. “I thought, ‘Wow. Someone doesn’t like me out here,'” recalls Fluharty.

After Fluharty filed a police report, a local non-profit group that helps homeless people shared the incident on Facebook, hoping to find a way to replace the tires. Without much delay, a nearby auto dealership stepped in with an offer.

“It struck me: I can definitely help this guy. I’m in the car business. I can definitely get discounts on tires,” says Jack Mullins Jr., who owns Mullins Auto Brokers. “I just felt obligated to do something.”

Mullins sent a crew to pick up the car and replace the tires, only to discover that there were a slew of other problems with the car. So the dealership owner decided to replace the entire car.

“There is no way I’m going to let this cause him to lose help, so my wife and I decided we want to give him a car, with a warranty,” Mullins explains. “With a little help, he can go a long way and keep his hopes high and keep trying–knowing the community has his back.”

Before long, Mullins set up Fluharty with a 2006 Pontiac G-6, with a separate dealership volunteering to pay the roughly $500 needed for taxes, tags, and a warranty.

The original Facebook post continues to receive comments from people wanting to help. Mullins says any donations received will go towards a gas card for Fluharty when he receives his new car on Tuesday, which happens to be his birthday.

Fluharty appreciates all the help he’s received, and he looks forward to doing the same for someone else one day. “I can’t wait for an opportunity to pay it forward to the next person in line,” he says. “Because that’s the way it should be.”