Child Collects Blankets To Help Keep Other Kids Warm

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A 9-year old girl from Oklahoma is rallying her community in an effort to collect as many blankets as possible to help keep other kids her age warm during the winter.

When Emma Burkhart received two identical blankets for her birthday last August, she immediately thought to give one of them away to someone in need. But her thought process didn’t stop there.

She thought why not continue to donate blankets to those in need. With help from her mom, Melissa, she started the Keep Kids Warm Blanket Drive. Melissa, says they didn’t know what to expect when they started the project, but their Oklahoma community has responded positively to Emma’s campaign.

After setting up drop-off locations throughout her home town, Emma was able to collect over 200 blankets to donate to various charities.

“That day she woke up and just was crying because she was so excited that she realized, it was happy tears, that so many kids had blankets that morning for Christmas,” Melissa explains.

“I felt super-duper happy and I was so excited because I knew all those kids would get those blankets,” Emma says. She also got to meet some of the kids who benefited from her blanket drive.

“It went really good. I love seeing those smiles when they are getting the blankets. I hugged them and it was a really good feeling inside,” she describes.

Getting to meet some of the people she helped only inspired Emma to do more. She decided that the 200 blankets she collected last year weren’t enough. This year, Emma set a goal of 350 blankets.

Even in the second year of doing this, Melissa is impressed at what her daughter is doing and what she’s accomplished. “I think it’s amazing and I just love her heart in giving to others and I’m very proud of her for thinking of other kids,” said Melissa.

As of Thursday morning, Emma has collected 321 blankets, as she is quickly closing in on her goal of 350 blankets with the help of 10 local businesses that are acting as drop off locations.

Just imagine if every town had someone like Emma.