British Man Sending Strangers on Hunt for £10 Envelopes

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A man from Cardiff, Wales is hiding envelopes with £10 (roughly $12.50) inside envelopes all over the city in hopes that people will find them and spend the money on something that helps another person.

Matt Callanan is leaving £10 in various Cardiff locales accompanied by the headline “We Make Good Happen” and instructions on how to use the money, stipulating that it be spent on someone else. Callanan is now dropping hints on social media on where people can find the envelopes.

“I will put some envelopes out around well-known places and in some less obvious places because I want people to get a bit of an adventure,” Callanan explains. “I will ask people to report back using a hashtag. The only rule is that they can’t spend it on themselves.”

The unique scavenger hunt he’s sending strangers on is Callanan’s way of encouraging others to do a good deed. He lists buying flowers for a friend, cooking a meal for a neighbor, or buying a meal for a homeless person as possible ways to use the money on another person.

Placing envelopes throughout the city is just one of 403 good deeds Callanan, a video director, is planning to carry out. The number is a reference to the movie Groundhog Day, in which Bill Murray’s character relives the same day 12,403. times.

He came up with the idea soon after meeting Murray in person. Feeling good after meeting his idol, Callanan bought a scratch off ticket and won £20 ($25). He then spent his winnings on a vendor selling The Big Issue, a magazine sold exclusively by homeless and unemployed people.

“I had the lucky £20 and I took the man shopping for food and some essential items. He gave me a massive hug,” Callanan explains. “He was really happy and I was happy and I thought there was something great about doing a good deed so I decided I would try to do 100 good things.”

From there, his wife encouraged him to aim higher, and so he decided to set his goal at 403 good deeds. So far, Callanan has done 50 good deeds, and his envelope idea is just next on his list.

Not only is Callanan doing hundreds of good deeds on his own, but he’s also setting a great example and showing how easy it is for everyone to perform good deeds for other people.