Boys & Girls Club Leader Invests Salary Back into Organization

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Attention CEOs of companies big and small, take note of what Dr. Anthony Tricoli, the CEO of the Boys & Girls Club in Monroe County, Tennessee is doing. Tricoli has informed the organization that he’s going to give up his salary so that it can be invested back into the organization and used to serve all the people the Boys & Girls Club strives to help on a daily basis.

“It’s not that I don’t need the money; believe me, I need it,” Tricoli told the Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors in a letter. “But there are others right now who I know need it more than I do. This is my way of helping those in our club who are in need of some assistance just like my family was when I was a kid.”

In addition to helping the kids in the organization, Tricoli also wants his salary to go to those who work for the organization so that they can have a holiday bonus.

Last year, Tricoli accepted a 33% salary reduction, while all full-time staff members saw their pay cut 10%, in order to help more families afford club fees. Tricoli also worked with the board to cut the organization’s budget by 25% to compensate for a lack of funds.

“I think that this is just another great example of Dr. Tricoli’s dedication to our Boys & Girls Club,” said Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors Chairman Paul Willson. “He has always looked to add value to our club, our community, and, most importantly, Monroe County’s children, and this is just another great example of his dedication to serving all those.”

Tricoli also says the difference the Boys & Girls Club made in his life when he was young drives him to do the same for the kids in the club today. Tricoli says he rode his bike to the club every day for six years while growing up in Fullerton, California.

“For me, the Club was a safe haven, the place where all of the worries I had went away,” Tricoli explains, adding that it does the same for today’s generation. “I have seen how happy the children are as they fly through the doors of our club every day after school.”

Surely, if Tricoli can do this for the local Boys & Girls Club in his community, other CEOs across all industries can follow his lead.