Bored 89-Year Old Finds Job in Cafe After Posting Ad That He Was ‘Dying of Boredom’

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Joe Bartley, an 89-year old from the southern part of England, gained global recognition earlier this week when he posted an ad in his local paper imploring someone to give him a part-time job, complaining that he was “dying of boredom.”

Well, just a couple days later, Bartley has his dream job, so to speak. After being flooded with responses to his ad, Bartley has accepted a job at a local cafe in his home town of Paignton.

In the ad, Bartley described himself as “just an old guy looking for work.” He has lived alone for the past two years since his wife died. “When you live on your own there is no one to speak to,” Bartley explains. “Since she died I’ve moved into a flat and it’s a big block. Once you walk into that flat it’s like solitary confinement.”

But Sarah Martin, co-owner of Cantina Kitchen and Bar, has rescued Bartley from solitary confinement. She invited him to the cafe, and after speaking with him, offered him a job working there. “A lot of people who come here don’t just come for coffee, they come for a chat, so Joe is perfect,” Morton explains.

“No matter what your age or your background, you deserve a chance,” says the cafe owner. “Most people have got something to offer and Joe is someone who is keen, who is putting himself out there. What is not to like about that?”

Bartley, who served in the 6th Airborne Division after World War II, will begin working at the cafe on Sunday. He will clear tables and help accomplish any other odd tasks that may spring up.

“The first thing I did when I heard about the job was pour myself a stiff drink,” Bartley joked about his new gig. “It’s been a whirlwind in the past couple of days.”

“He is delighted, and we are looking forward to it,” said Martin, who is planning to give Bartley a ride to work on his first day. “We think about these things all the time. We are never going to be rich, but we like to give something back, so when we saw the advert there was no question – the minute we saw it we knew we’d give him a job.”