25 Times Actors Almost Quit Movies

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Photo by Lucas Film

Daisy Ridley was arguably the breakout star in the latest installment of “Star Wars” but she almost didn’t make it through the production. Ridley was so nervous about embodying a new role in such an established world, that she had a panic attack in the middle of the desert as J.J. Abrams was directing her. When the director described her performance as “wooden” as a note, Ridley decided to loosen up.

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Russell Crowe is known for his difficult behavior on set, but this is taking it to another level. Crowe had agreed to star in the Robin Hood film but when production wouldn’t change the character Nottingham to the “good guy” he almost dropped out. Unfortunately, Crowe had the production rewrite the script which lead to unfavorable reviews.

Photo by Warner Bros.

Ian McKellen found the green screen technology used in Peter Jackson’s epic franchise “The Hobbit” difficult to work with. It’s said that the actor became overwhelmed with the process of having to do all of his scenes alone in front of a screen that he found it difficult to act by himself, but fortunately the actor is a professional and got through it.