25 Times Actors Almost Quit Movies

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Moviemaking is not always as glamorous as it looks.  Actors are pushed to extreme physical and mental limits, and tempers can flare after working 18 hour days with 3am call-times.  Movies with authentic “intimate” scenes have been known to cause major personal issues for the actors involved, as well. Here’s a list of actors and actresses that have walked off or almost walked off set while in the middle of production.  You’ll be pretty surprised to see how many A-Listers almost shutdown production on multi-million dollar movies!

25. Shelley Duvall In The Shining

Photo by Warner Bros

Shelley Duvall will always be remembered for her role as Wendy in “The Shining,” but she almost quit in the middle of production because of director Stanley Kubrick’s unusual style of directing. Kubrick insisted on 127 takes of a scene where Duvall is defending herself with a bat, and by the time they reached take 100 she was so stressed that she started losing her hair.

24. Al Pacino in The Godfather

Photo by Paramount

Producers of “The Godfather” weren’t impressed with Al Pacino’s performance in the film, and tried to intervene. Although director Francis Ford Coppola got the producers to back down from critiquing Pacino, it’s said that the star didn’t really take it well and was ready to walk 3/4 the way through filming. Fortunately, the role was a success and the actor went on to score an Oscar nomination for the role.