85-Year Old Plays Hero Rescuing Two from Burning Car

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An 85-year old Texas man who walks with a cain is being praised as a hero after he pulled two women from a burning car.

A 22-year old woman and her passenger were driving in Burleson, Texas on the outskirts of Fort Worth on Sunday when she lost control of her vehicle. The car flipped over and burst into flames. Fortunately, the car flipped over in front of the house of 85-year old Lindell Marbut.

While Marbut’s caretaker, Sandra Young, went to a neighbor’s house to call 911, the 85-year old immediately walked over to the car with hopes of pulling out anyone who was inside.

“When I got back over here this way, he was beating on the front windshield with a cane,” Young explains. With a little effort, the old man was able to break the windshield, opening up a path for escape.

“I got my walking stick, and pulled it out and seen this woman’s hand sticking out and I got her and pulled her out,” Marbut describes.

After Marbut dragged the driver to safety in his garage, he and Young were able to pull the passenger out of the car and into his garage, ensuring the safety of both women by the time emergency personnel arrived to extinguish the fire.

In the aftermath, everyone involved was amazed at the role Marbut played in rescuing the two women from the fire. A member of the Johnson County Fire Department said that without the heroic actions of Marbut the end result would have been much different.

“Amazing, 85 years old and he drug her into the garage. I couldn’t believe it. He can barely walk as it is,” an astonished Young said afterwards.

Both women suffered serious injuries in the crash, but they are both expected to survive after Marbut was able to drag them away from the fire.

Meanwhile, a modest Marbut is resisting the label of “hero,” saying, “I just feel like an old man trying to save somebody’s life. I’d do it again if I had to.”