80-Year Old Great-Grandmother Wins $50 Million in Canadian Lottery

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Imagine living modestly for the first 80 years of your life only to be suddenly inundated with more money than you could ever imagine. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Lois Olsen last month when she won C$50 million in Canada’s Lotto Max jackpot.

Olsen, 80, a great-grandmother, has spent the last 50 years of her life living in a small farming town in Alberta, more than 100 miles outside of Edmonton. It wasn’t until she moved there in the 1960’s that she had indoor plumbing for the first time. “I thought I was in heaven, I had running water and I had a telephone,” she recalls.

Last month, everything changed when she took her lottery ticket to the self-check machine at her local grocery store. “I pulled it out, put it back in. It looked like $500,” Olsen explains. She then called one of the employees over and told them that the machine must be broken.

But the machine wasn’t broken. “No, you just won C$50 million,” the employee told her. “I just grabbed my groceries and left,” says Olsen, who was in stunned silence.

Olsen’s life is now about to change drastically from the farm life she has known for so long. “We milked cows for about 25 years. We had a bunch of pigs, we had range cattle, I raised chickens, turkeys; I had everything. A lot of hard work,” she describes. “Money doesn’t mean a whole bunch to me. I had hard times.”

When Olsen picked up her C$50 million check earlier this week, she joked that such a wonderful thing happened a little too late in life. “For me, I’m too old for this. I would have liked to have won this 20 or 30 years ago,” she said.

She says that a lot of the money will go to her family. “I have my kids, my grandkids, my great-grandkids. It will help my entire family.”

Don’t worry, Olsen also said she will use some of the money on herself. She plans to buy a new SUV and perhaps do some traveling. “I used to travel a lot and I’d like to do a little more now,” says Olsen, Canada’s latest, and perhaps most deserving, lottery winner.