8-Year Old with Rare Disease Will Get to See Disney World Before He Goes Blind

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Every child should get a chance to see and experience Disney World at least once in their life. Unfortunately, time is running out for 8-year old Ethan Burney, who has a rare disease that will cause him to go blind by age 10. But after more than a year of fundraising, Ethan and his family have enough money to send him to see Disney World before it’s too late.

Ethan, who lives with his family near England’s south coast, suffers from Aarskog-Scott Syndrome. The condition can lead to a variety of symptoms, including those that have forced Ethan to undergo multiple surgeries on his legs and feet.

To make matters worse, Ethan’s eyesight is deteriorating fast, and he will likely be blind within two years. So everything that Ethan wants to see in this world, he has to see before then. That includes Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida, home to some of his favorite characters like Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse.

Over a year ago, a friend of the Burney family, Nicky Kay, launched a Facebook campaign to raise the money so Ethan, his parents, and his three siblings can all visit Disney World and Universal Studios.

Ethan also has younger twin brothers who suffer from the same condition, making the trip as important for them as it is for Ethan.

Just before Christmas, the campaign reached its goal of £15,000 (roughly $18,000) so the whole family can visit Disney World before Ethan goes blind.

“We just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped Ethan over the last year,” said Ethan’s mom, Gemma. “We have been shown some wonderful support and generosity from friends, family and complete strangers and we really appreciate it.”

The family is planning to take the trip to Florida next spring. Ethan is in a wheelchair at the moment following surgery on his feet, but he should be fully recovered by the time he gets to Disney World, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that he definitely deserves.