7-Year Old Giving Homeless People Gift Baskets for Christmas

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Young people seem to be filled with the spirit of giving this holiday season. In Oklahoma, there is a child collecting blankets to give to those in need. Meanwhile, in Ontario, Canada, 7-year old Reese Russell is putting together gift baskets to hand out to the homeless people in her community.

The idea to do something for the homeless during the holidays came to Reese last month when she saw a homeless man digging through a dumpster. “I felt really bad and I really wanted to help them,” she says.

“She started getting really concerned,” explains Reese’s mom, Nicole. “She just kept asking more and more questions and asked me if we could get him something for Christmas.”

Reese set a goal of helping 10 people for Christmas by using her own money to buy goods that homeless people need. She then posted a video on her mom’s Facebook page, looking for help and support. The video has been viewed more than 20,000 times, getting plenty of people’s attention.

With help from her family, classmates, and strangers who chipped in after seeing the video, Reese has enough to put together more than 100 gift baskets, 10 times her goal. Local businesses have also offered to act as drop off locations for people to make donations.

” I didn’t know I’d have this many people liking my video and donating,” says Reese. The campaign even includes a GoFundMe page that has raised close to $600, nearly twice the goal Reese and her parents set out to reach.

The baskets contain items common items like toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream, and deodorant. Thanks to the money raised from the GoFundMe page, the baskets will also include gift cards for the recipients to use on anything else they need.

Nicole is still unsure exactly what charities will be receiving the gift baskets, but she knows that Reese will personally be handing them out on Christmas day.

“They’ll be super happy they get something this Christmas,” said Reese, a 7-year old with a huge heart who has done a great thing this holiday season.