4-Year Old Cancer Patient Holds Toy Drive for Children’s Hospital

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Jillian Massey was able to spend Christmas at home with her family in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. The four-year old is fighting brain cancer but was released from the hospital in October after undergoing treatment.

However, during the holidays, Jillian did not forget all the friends she made during her six-month stay at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. To show her friends back in the hospital that she was thinking of them, Jillian started a toy drive and ended up collecting an astounding 3,000 toys to donate to the children’s hospital.

In April, Jillian was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer. She spent six months at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania undergoing chemotherapy and stem cell implants.

“Her positive, happy-go-lucky attitude has gotten her through this,” explains her mom, Janelle Massey. “She doesn’t know she’s battling something bigger. She has no idea she’s sick. She’s just been living.”

When she was released in October after being deemed strong enough to go home, Janelle suggested they do something to give back to the hospital, and Jillian remarked how fun it would be to gather toys for the children still in the hospital.

Jillian helped Janelle create a wishlist of toys on Amazon, and they set a goal of collecting 50 toys to give to the hospital. With the help of a Facebook page, they reached their goal of 50 toys in just two days.

So they kept going and ultimately collected more than 3,000 toys. In the days leading up to Christmas, countless packages would be delivered to their home, and Jillian would go out to their front porch to collect them.

“Jillian has been at the heart of all this wanting to deliver these toys,” Janelle said a week before Christmas. “She’s so excited to bring them to all her friends and the children still at the hospital.”

Jillian and her family returned to the hospital a few days before Christmas to pass them out to all the children undergoing treatment, including some who Jillian befriended during her stay.