10-Year Old Sells Baseball Cards To Support Friends with Cancer

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Most people who collect baseball cards spend years building up a collection, unwilling to part with it. Ten-year old Brady Kahle has been building his collection since he was three years old, but he’s already selling off his assets, and for a good cause.

Brady, who lives in Springfield, Massachusetts, has two friends, Landen Palatino and Ben Manzi, who have been diagnosed with cancer over the past year. When he found out, Brady decided to sell some of his baseball cards to help the family of his friends cover the cost of treatment and care.

“We figured we would do one or two local card shows and see what came of it,” explains Jessie Kahle, Brady’s mom. But the results of Brady’s card sale have been far greater than anyone expected.

The local Boys & Girls Club has allowed Brady to hold a card show at its facility once a month for the past year. His project, dubbed “Cards for a Cause” has raised close to $15,000 for the families of Landen and Ben by selling both sports memorabilia and “Cards 4 a Cause” t-shirts.

“Proud seems like such a small word for what we feel,” says Jessie. “How selfless he’s been has been pretty incredible. The way he’s so proud of what he’s doing. He’s always coming up with new ways to make it better and make it bigger. He’s so excited to make a difference.”

In recent months, Brady has had the chance to go on various radio and television programs to share the story of why he’s trying to raise money selling baseball cards. Such appearances have led to people donating memorabilia to help raise even more money for Landen’s and Ben’s families.

In fact, Brady’s family is considering creating a non-profit organization to keep raising money for families in need. “If he wants to do it then we are here to support him,” says Jessie.

The families of Landen and Ben are beyond grateful for the support. Meanwhile, everyone else is merely amazed at what Brady has been able to accomplish.

“I think what makes this even more special is that they are just regular kids,” Jessie said. “Brady is not a really talkative kid; he’s not out there trying to sell himself. People just believe in what he’s doing because it comes from his heart.”