10-Year Old Cancer Patient Stays Busy Crossing Items Off Her Bucket List

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A 10-year old girl from Edmonton living with brain cancer is working furiously to cross as many items off of her bucket list as possible. Over the weekend, the proactive and courageous Rheanna Trepanier crossed another two items off her list: flying on a plane and leading a team of sled dogs.

Last month, Rheanna was given a terminal diagnosis following the discovery of four brain tumors. She has been given just months to live. But even in the middle of a six-week course of chemo and radiation, Rheanna and her family are doing everything they can to live life to the fullest.

Rheanna has already met members of the Edmonton Oilers, served as the boss of a Home Depot for a day, and spent time with military members (see picture) to cross items off her bucket list.

Thanks to some kind people in the arctic metropolis of Yellowknife, Rheanna was able to cross off a couple more items. She got her first ride on a plane (the first item) to get to Yellowknife, and once there she got to go dog sledding (the second item).

A group of businesses in Yellowknife teamed up to provide air fare, a dog sledding adventure, and even meals at some of Yellowknife’s top culinary destinations for Rheanna, who was accompanied by her mother, her brother, and her sister.

“We just wanted to do something on our end and make her smile, you know, take her mind off things, and take her family’s mind off things,” explains Mike Soloy, who helped plan the trip. “Just come up here and experience Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories.”

“Every day is special for us,” says Rheanna’s mom, Marissa. “Every day we’re trying to create memories and do all the fun things Rheanna wants to do. Going dogsledding and living in the moment. Rheanna’s smile is priceless.”

There is a Facebook page called Rheanna’s Bucket List chronicling every new adventure she has, as she tries to cross every item off her bucket list one by one.